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(Owner: New Jersey Transit Corporation)

The purpose of this project was to map the entire network of Official NJ TRANSIT bus stops, for which local governments have passed ordinances, and NJ Transit maintains an official listing. The mapping effort was part of an overall initiative by the GIS Unit of NJ TRANSITís Planning Research and Development Division (PR&D-GIS) to compile and store bus route patterns and their associated bus stops within a GIS.

BET Consultants was required to survey bus stops locations using code phase Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment. Trimble ProXR GPS equipment was used to obtain real time coordinate values.

The assignment included the survey of approximately 15,000 bus stop locations. The majority of bus stops to be surveyed were located in New Jersey. Additional stops were located in Orange County, NY, and Philadelphia, PA. The survey data was submitted in a digital format.

NJ TRANSIT supplied BET with a listing of all bus stops to be surveyed, including street intersection locations and the BSI code for each bus stop, including priority order of regions to be surveyed.  

BET surveyed the head sign at each listed bus stop where signs were present. In the event that there was no head sign, a position at a prescribed distance from the nearest street intersection was mapped. BET, using code phase GPS survey instruments, ensured that the surveyed positions were accurate to within 1-3 meters along the roadway, compiled in NJ State Plane Coordinates, NAD 1983. The nearest house number on the same side of the street if available at the time of GPS observation was recorded. If not available, the nearest house number across the street from the bus stop was then recorded. BET keyed-in the eleven-digit computer inventory code (BSI) as an attribute at the time of data logging, and provided to NJ TRANSIT each bus stop survey position encoded with the correct BSI code.

On a monthly basis, the team submitted surveyed positions and attributes in digital format that was readily accessible for input into Intergraph MGE ASCII Loader software. In addition, the team provided a monthly progress report that included the following:
  • List of all bus stops surveyed
  • Documentation of problems and issues encountered during that period
  • Plans to resolve problems/issues
  • Brief summary of planned work for the following month
  • Tabular summary of the budget status