BET Engineering Consultants Inc.
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BET Consultants
Fast Facts

- The premier consulting firm in New Jersey

- Geographical areas serviced
: New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania

- M.B.E./D.B.E. Professional Services

- Mapping

- Surveying

- Engineering

(Owner: New Jersey Transit Corporation)

The Principals of BET Consultants managed the civil engineering design of Newton Avenue Garage and Southern Division Administration Offices, Camden, Camden County with a capacity of 150 buses.

The renovation and reconstruction of these two NJ Transit facilities resulted in modern and efficient bus operations for the storage, maintenance, and management of the bus fleet.

The ultimate construction cost of the project was $30,000,000.

Planning work for the project progressed under a series of seven separate tasks:  site survey and inventory, environmental assessment and report, project definition, schematic design phase, design development phase, final design and construction assistance.

The Principals of BET Consultants managed the following design/construction services:

- Aerial mapping of each site in scale of 1" = 30'
- All surveys
- Water supply system
- Waste water system
- On-site and off-site traffic studies
- Environmental assessment and reports
- Coordination with local government agencies
- Site engineering
- Landscape planning
- Contract drawings and specifications
- Cost estimates