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(Owner: Board of Chosen Freeholders of County of Warren)

Purpose of this project is to upgrade the safety of the existing guiderails along the 111 miles of roadway in Warren County. BET responsibility was preparation of planimetric base mapping by photogrammetric methods.

BET Consultants set 180 Photo/Target controls and obtained aerial photos at 1=1600. Seventy five photo points were set as primary controls and observed in Rapid-Static method using Leica Dual Frequency (GPS System SR530). All measurements, baseline and loop analysis were processed using SKI-Pro GPS Post-processing Software, Version 2.5. The Least Square adjustment package MOVE3, Version 3.1.5, included in SKI-Pro was used for final computations. One hundred and five points were observed in RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) Survey using GPS System SR530, Firmware Version 4.0. The observations at the reference receiver are transmitted continuously by radio modem to the rover for on-board computation using RT-SKI Software. Coordinates are displayed and recorded in Real Time in the SR530.

220 stereomodels were compiled to create base map. The mapping was at 1" = 100' scale in AutoCAD format.