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The New Jersey Transit Corporation undertook an advanced concept planning project for the design of the Kearny Connection. The project encompasses a proposed track connection between NJ Transit's 25KV, 60HZ Morristown Line and AMTRAK's 11KV, 25HZ Northeast Corridor Line at the point where the two lines cross in the Hackensack Meadowlands in Kearny, New Jersey. Upon completion of the connection, Morristown line trains will be able to travel directly to Penn Station in midtown or downtown Manhattan via PATH trains.

NJ Transit anticipates running some peak hour trains directly to Penn Station, New York, as well as providing off-peak service. Passenger boarding trains that travel to Hoboken on the Morristown Line will have the opportunity to transfer to a New York Penn Station bound train at Broad Street Station in Newark. For commuters traveling to or from midtown Manhattan, such a transfer will save nine minutes in each direction of travel versus the current means of travel via PATH trains from Hoboken.

BET's Principals in 1985 were responsible for the following aspects of this project:
  • Topographic mapping and field location surveys, including preparation of 20 scale maps for the entire 5-mile long track project.
  • Right-of-way documents for property and easement acquisitions.
  • Design of duct banks for signal cables.
  • Preliminary track geometry design.
  • Design of two precast concrete box culverts, 103' and 430' long, supported on pile foundations for site drainage underneath the tracks.
  • Design of retaining walls separating tracks, in close proximity to each other and on two different levels.
  • Utility relocation design (gas, waterlines, storm sewers, power and signal cables).
  • Relocation of access roads.
  • Wetlands delineation and replacement.
  • Embankment design.
  • Preparation of contract drawings, specifications, and cost estimates.