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(Owner: Metropolitan Transportation Authority)

BET Consultants performed a topographic survey consisting of the railroad tracks, catenary structures and all wires in the vicinity of the overpass, staircases, platforms, parking areas, pertinent areas of the parking deck, and utilities. Property line information of adjacent properties for graphical representation on the site plan was also gathered for the above-mentioned project. The work included:
  • Topographic mapping of the site area, approximately 200 feet wide by 1200 feet long was prepared at 1" = 20' and 1' contours intervals in 3D format.
  • New Haven Line Tracks were surveyed for approximately 600 feet. The top of both rails and the centerline of track were taken at 100 feet intervals.
  • All fixed obstruction between the top of rail and 18 feet above top of rail were included in the survey. Catenary structures, signal bridges, and their foundations were surveyed.
  • Twenty various wires were located by Stadia Method at every 25 feet.
  • Location of the existing pedestrian tunnel and stairs was surveyed, and vertical clearances in the tunnel were measured.
  • Location and identification of all surface utilities. This included manholes, valve boxes, chambers and gratings, with rim and invert elevations of the structures and depth of cover on utility lines and their sizes, and utility markers. Plotting of utilities from utility drawings was supplied by BET.