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(Owner: New Jersey Transit Corporation)

The rapid population growth in Northern New Jersey, as well as increased commuter bus ridership in the area, resulted in the need for a new bus maintenance and storage facility for NJ Transit's growing bus fleet.

After site selection studies were performed, NJ Transit chose the Meadowlands site in North Bergen to be the most suitable for its present and future needs.  Located on 12.5 acres, the new facility was designed with a capacity to store between 220 and 250 buses, and furnished with state-of-the-art equipment enabling buses to be serviced in a more efficient manner than ever before.

The Principals of BET Consultants managed the site and landscape design.  Specifically their responsibilities for this project included:

1.  Site engineering design according to HMDC codes for:

    - Access roads, paving and curbs
    - Storm water management system
    - Grading
    - Water, sewer, electrical and telephone services
    - Parking area layout
    - Security fencing with electronic gate controls
    - Landscaping
    - Area lighting

2.  Preparation of probable construction costs, including the projected costs of site work, utilities and demolition of existing warehouse and offices on the site

3.  Preparation of final contract bid documents, drawings and specifications for all civil site engineering work

Prior to the letting of the design contract, the following initial services under a separate contract with NJ Transit were performed:

1.  Metes and bounds property survey, including delineation of riparian lands

2.  Topographic mapping at a scale of 1" = 30', with 1 foot contours

3.  Location and mapping of miscellaneous structures, utilities and building features

4.  Construction administration/inspection services