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(Owner: Air Products and Chemical, Inc.)

For Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (APCI) of Allentown, Pennsylvania the Principals of BET Consultants managed the civil engineering and environmental planning services required for the construction of a new Methane Gas Recovery Facility as part of a landfill closing operation in Kearny, New Jersey.

The overall project encompassed two major multiple pipeline branches, totaling 9,200 linear feet of polyethylene pipe, as required to carry feed gas and condensate to the central processing facility for the 1-C and 1-A landfills.  Three other pipelines were also required for sewer, consumer gas, and water supply, totaling an additional 5820 linear feet.  The route for the major pipeline branches in this project crosses almost every possible natural man-made obstruction such as:  wetlands, a landfill, a tidal channel, two interstate highways, two railroads and various existing utility lines.  Special construction methods such as directional drilling; plowing the pipeline and jacking and boring were used to avoid major impact on the wetlands and the utilities.

The following services for this project were provided:

- Field surveying and mapping

- Environmental studies

- Economic and environmental analysis of various pipeline routes

- Various permits and right-of-way applications and negotiations such as:
  - 401 water quality permits (DEP)
  - 404 wetlands and section 10 permits (COE)
  - Stream encroachment (DEP)
  - Landfill disruption (DEP)
  - Sewer extension (DEP)
  - Railroad crossing
  - Crossing Turnpike Interchange 15E
  - Crossing three major water supply lines

- The Principals of BET Consultants also managed the construction and prepared as-built drawings.