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BET Consultants
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- The premier consulting firm in New Jersey

- Geographical areas serviced
: New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania

- M.B.E./D.B.E. Professional Services

- Mapping

- Surveying

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(M.P. 17.84 TO M.P. 25.32)

(Owner: New Jersey Department of Transportation)

The purpose of this project is to enhance the safety of NJ Route 73 by closing selected median openings, and addressing deficiencies at existing median locations identified as proposed construction site locations. Services provided by BET Consultants include but not limited to the following:

- Photogrammetric mapping with contours developed by DTM
- Extension of primary ground control and survey baseline previously established by the NJDOT
- Right-of-way and boundary determination for properties impacted by the project (Partial Takings, Easements)

Photogrammetric control was obtained by satellite observations performed in three days for a total of twenty-six GPS sessions. Three Leica SR530 receivers were used in fast static mode to observe the thirty-two photo points, seven NGS control stations, and five of the existing NJDOT stations. Field data was downloaded and processed, producing seventy-eight base lines. Adjustments of the GPS network were first done by free adjustment, then by 3D Least Squares of the STAR*NET-GPS Version 5.112. The internal accuracy of the network was checked by computing loop misclosures.