BET Engineering Consultants Inc.
36 Route 10 West - East Hanover - N.J. - 07936

BET Consultants
Fast Facts

- The premier consulting firm in New Jersey

- Geographical areas serviced
: New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania

- M.B.E./D.B.E. Professional Services

- Mapping

- Surveying

- Engineering

(Owner: The Port Authority of NY & NJ)

The project included extension of Taxiways ZB and ZA parallel to Runway 4-22, and to reduce waiting time for take-off at John F. Kennedy Airport.  The $25 Million improvement program also included critical Taxiway MB connecting two major taxiways to Runway 13-31.

The Principal of BET Consultants, as a Project Manager while with VEP Associates, was responsible for the following:
  • Field surveys and mapping
  • Vertical and horizontal alignment geometry and grading of taxiways
  • Design of storm drainage system including checking capacities of the existing drains using energy line concept
  • Design of lighting system associated with taxiways including investigating available routes for major cable runs
  • Design of protection slab over existing 8' x  24' box culvert
  • Reinforcement of existing manholes and design of grading to avoid hard spots
  • Construction staging to minimize closing of runways and taxiways during construction
  • Cost estimate for the project considering complicated scheduling and night-time work
  • Permit support for NYDEC and Army Corps' permits
  • Construction assistance for review of shop drawings and design changes during construction
  • Project management including monitoring geotechnical and electrical sub-consultants work